Consultants & Curators for the Watershed.

The Bros. Roman are multidisciplinary researchers, consultants, advisers and curators for the Architecture, Design, Product, Graphic, Rug & Textile industries.  Visit our resume of work for more information.

Creators of the luxury wood flooring brand SAWYER & SOUTHERN.

Resume - NERI&HU DESIGN AND RESEARCH OFFICE                               


Senior Associate of Architecture & Interiors (2004-2012) & Senior Advisor to Design Republic (2004-2012)  //  Neri&Hu website // Design Republic website

Founded with a small team in 2004 by partners Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu, the Design and Research Office is an interdisciplinary architectural design practice based in Shanghai, China with an additional office located in London. Worked internationally on projects of architecture, interiors, furniture, graphics and product design, reinforcing the practice's core vision of responding to global worldviews while incorporating overlapping design disciplines for a new paradigm in architecture. Published and Award-Winning since 2004.

As a Senior Office Representative, was responsible for mentoring staff and fostering positive relationships with all Clients, Operators and Brands. // Design and Team Leader for A&D, as well as company-wide Advisor for all ID projects. // Portfolio of work focused on multi-faceted, luxury Hotels, F&B and Residential (both interiors and architecture). // Strength in creating mood/concept/program presentations. // Design Development in micro/macro scale, while keeping designs tied to the concept 'story'. // Final project staging for handover.

* Firm of the Year (N&H) for Wallpaper Magazine UK 2013-14 // The Interior Design Hall of Fame (N&H) for Interior Design Magazine USA 2013 // The Best of Year Awards x5 projects, x8 & x3 projects for Interior Design Magazine USA 2012, 2013 & 2014 // The T+L Design Awards for Travel+Leisure Magazine USA 2011 // The AR Awards for Emerging Architecture for Architectural Review UK 2010 // Design Vanguard 2009 for Architectural Record USA 2009.

Selected Projects list during tenure - Bold denotes Associate-In-Charge, Plain denotes Consulting Associate:

Cultural / Academic

BREVARD ART MUSEUM Concept Proposal – Eau Gallie, Florida, USA"  //  SGA GALLERY RENOVATION Proposal at Three on the Bund – Shanghai, PRC"  //  TAIHU INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL EXPANSION Mood Proposal - Wuxi, PRC"  //  ZHENGZHOU CHILDREN’S LIBRARY Mood Proposal - Zhengzhou, PRC"

Food & Beverage

ORIENTAL RESTAURANT at The Park Hyderabad – Hyderabad, India°  //  LARIS L-LOUNGE at Three on the Bund – Shanghai, PRC (Historic Prop.)  //  THE NOUGATINE ROOM Lounge at Three on the Bund – Shanghai, PRC+  //  FEAST Chinese Restaurant - Shenzhen, PRC*+  //  CAPO Italian Restaurant – Shanghai, PRC*+ (Historic Property)  //  CHINESE RESTAURANT – Lhasa, Tibet"  //  PDRs 1.0-5.0 at The Opposite House Hotel – Beijing, PRC+  //  WHAMPOA CLUB BEIJING Restaurant – Beijing, PRC+ (Historic Property)  //  SURENO Mediterranean Restaurant at The Opposite House – Beijing, PRC+  //  BEI Asian Restaurant at The Opposite House – Beijing, PRC+  //  PUNK Bar & Club at The Opposite House – Beijing, PRC+  //  POLLEN STREET SOCIAL Restaurant – London, England*+  //  THE CHINA HOUSE Restaurant at The Oriental – Bangkok, Thailand+ (Historic Property)  //  SHARD RESTAURANT Concept Proposal - London, UK  //  BEIJING RITZ-CARLTON Chinese Restaurant - Beijing, PRC" (Historic Property)  //  PUDONG RITZ-CARLTON Chinese Restaurant - Shanghai, PRC"  //  LARIS MACAU Restaurant at The Venetian Macau - Macau, PRC"


XIAN WESTIN Hotel – Xian, PRC*+  //  LE MERIDIEN at ZHENGZHOU Hotel – Zhengzhou, PRC*+  //  PENTA HOTEL BEIJING – Beijing, PRC+  //  PENTA HOTEL KOWLOON – Kowloon, PRC+  //  LONDON BOUTIQUE HOTEL at COVENT GARDEN - London, UK*° (Historic Prop.)  //  W HOTEL PUXI Competition Proposal – Shanghai, PRC"  //  LHASA HOTEL EXPANSION: Starwood-branded Hotel - Lhasa, Tibet"  //  EAST HOTEL BEIJING Food & Beverage Venues - Beijing, PRC*+  //  TRADER’S HOTEL ZHABEI: Shangri La Branded Hotel - Shangai, PRC*"


FLORIDA RESIDENCE – Merritt Island, Florida, USA+°  //  HOUSE 168 RESIDENCE – Shanghai, PRC+  //  CLUNY ROAD RESIDENCE – Singapore*+  //  WU RESIDENCE Apartment – Singapore*+  //  CACHOUA RESIDENCE Apartment - Mexico City, Mexico*°  //  CHEN RESIDENCE Apartment - Shanghai, PRC*+  //  VANKE LANSHAN Villa TH190 Showflat – Shanghai, PRC+  //  VANKE LANSHAN Villa TH150 Showflat – Shanghai, PRC+  //  VANKE METROPOLIS Showflats – Beijing, PRC*+  //  LAKESIDE VILLE Villa Showflat No.1 - Qingpu, PRC+  //  LAKESIDE VILLE Villa Showflat No.2 - Qingpu, PRC+  //  ERDOS HOUSE Villa Interiors Concept DR.HOME Proposal - Inner Mongolia, PRC"


DESIGN REPUBLIC BUND FLAGSHIP – Shanghai, PRC*+ (Historic Property)  //  SLICE Delicatessen & Market – Qingpu, PRC+  //  SLICE Delicatessen, Market & Restaurant – Jinqiao, PRC+  //  SLICE Delicatessen & CHOCOLATE ROOM - French Concession Shanghai, PRC"

Office / Clubhouse / Canteen

DESIGN REPUBLIC HQ: Bund Headquarters – Shanghai, PRC*+  //  VANKE CLUB BEIJING - Beijing, PRC*+  //  VANKE RESEARCH BASE CANTEEN Interior F&A for DR.HOME - Donguang, PRC  //  VANKE CHANGSHA CLUBHOUSE & SALES CENTER Interior F&A for DR.HOME - Changsha, PRC

Commercial / Mixed-Use

LEGATION QUARTER Mixed-Use Historical Research – Beijing, PRC+ (Located within a Historic Site & Properties)  //  HANGZHOU URBAN OXYGEN Mixed-Use Guidelines, Research – Hangzhou, PRC  //  TIANJIN DESIGN CENTER Mixed-Use Mood Proposal - Tianjin, PRC  //  XINHUA DOCK WAREHOUSE CENTER Mixed-Use Mood Proposal - Shanghai, PRC

Health & Wellness

EVIAN SPA Renovations Proposals at Three on the Bund – Shanghai, PRC" (Historic Property)  //  EVIAN SPA Proposal at The Venetian Macau - Macau, PRC"


AMBASSADORS OF DESIGN BALL 2012 Venue Installation - Hong Kong, PRC+  //  NERI&HU BRAND 100% DESIGN SHANGHAI 2009 Booth – Shanghai, PRC+


NERI&HU: Drape Secretary – Shanghai, PRC+  //  NERI&HU: Vertex Tables – Shanghai, PRC+  //  NERI&HU: Jetstream Rug for Kyle Bunting – Texas, USA+  //  NERI&HU: Sweet Caroline Rug for Kyle Bunting – Texas, USA+  //  PENTA FURNITURE, LIGHTING & ACCESSORIES with the Neri&Hu Product Design Team - Beijing & Kowloon, PRC

VM & Merchandising

DESIGN REPUBLIC Showrooms Visual Merchandising - Shanghai, PRC+  //  MOOOI Mono-brand Showroom for DR.HOME - Hangzhou, PRC  //  Assistance with 2006-2012 Design Republic product selections alongside Lyndon Neri, Rossana Hu & the Design Republic Merchandising Team.

At DESIGN REPUBLIC: Consulted on the multi-layered brand development of the Neri&Hu-founded design shop, which aimed to bring forth a new birth of life and style in mainland China, while creating meaning and understanding through the relationship of objects of habitation with buyers.

Worked with Ownership & Merchandising to Team-curate a unique collection of products created by the world's best design talents and brands, many of which had never been available to consumers in China before it's opening. To this day, Design Republic holds steady while it continues to create, remaining the Country's top design ambassador through the efforts of its multiple shops and its design program and one-room hotel, DR.HOME.

Worked with DR's Retail, Corporate Sales & Merchandising Departments, combined with NHDRO's Graphics Dept. to create an in-house design service, mainly marketed for Sales Centers and Showflats throughout Greater China. Basic showflat budgets were within the 1M-2M RMB range and included all FF&A, as well as Art and Staging.